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Karel Smejkal Aaplikovana psychologie architekrury



Karel Smejkal


The first book on the psychology of architecture

During ten years, the author met architects from more than 140 countries, but there was not one among them who could answer the question of what is the psychology of architecture. So he decided to return to university, assemble a research team in Applied Psychology of Architecture, and define and establish the entire discipline for the architectural community. This book is the first answer to the the above question. It is also the first book to summarize three years of research on the psychology of architecture. Architects create our artificial environment. They should therefore know those for whom they create it. And they should also know themselves.

Psychology is the science that studies psychological phenomena, which are values, traits, states
and processes.

Imagine our planet and the layers above and below the earth surface where life in all its incredible forms takes place. Compared to the size of planet Earth, this layers’ height is quite insignificant. Now shrink the Earth to the size of a stone by the road. The layer where all life takes place would then correspond to a layer of thin moss on the stone’s surface. On the scale of the universe, we are nothing but that mossy surface, which surprisingly reflects not only on its origin but even on the universe that surrounds it.
Maybe the memory of a moment when you could reflect with humility on a stone by the road will one day help you find the right path where your ego would otherwise speak for you.

Karel Smejkal autor

Karel Smejkal is a writer, architect, university teacher, doctor of science and head of research in the psychology of buildings at the Department of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He is also a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), founder of Applied Psychology of Architecture, founder and chairman of Czech Deco Team and co-founder (with Václav Havel and Bořek Šípek) and president of INSPIRELI AWARDS, the world’s largest student architectural competition.
His long-term goal is to support young emerging talent regardless of their economic, ethnic or social background, lecture around the world, and teach and encourage architects to build a world that is enjoyable to live in.

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